Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Stolen Horses, please spread the word!

Stolen from south of Kunszentmiklos, Bacs-Kiskun county, central Hungary last night, 4 horses:

Dora: palomino highland x cob, white blaze, long mane and tail, lots of feathers. approx 15hh, 14 years old. Freezemarked DORA on her saddle area nearside, but you can't read it anymore - I know where it is.!/groups/125209700909004/doc/125211977575443/
Ingrid: Chestnut Hungarian Sportshorse (Magyar Sportlo), (TB type) white star, snip and narrow blaze.... approx 16.1hh, 13 years old. Branded on her back in saddle area, nearside: Crown shape and underneath the number 562, offside: 98.

Kicsi: Rose/dapple grey/roan heavy cob x (Hungarian Sodrott/Mura), approx 16hh, 8 years old. Branded on neck: nearside BK 03, offside: 67

Kis Vihar: Bay with white star heavy cob, approx 15.2hh, VERY HEAVY BUILT, (Hungarian hidegveru tipisu, nem tistaveru), 4 years old, Kicsi's son.

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